Life Force: The Ultimate Morning and Evening Routine

Life Force is comprised of two Sonic Breathwork journeys and two meditations that are designed to be used each day, morning and night, to help you live, create and embody a more vibrant, successful, and fulfilling life.

Using the power of your breath, heart and mind, you will be guided into highly euphoric and harmonized states, helping you to start your day feeling more motivated, focused and empowered and end your day feeling more calm and relaxed.

Guided By: Christopher August and Jennifer Denali

Music Produced By: Johnny Buffalo

When you purchase your copy of Life Force you will receive:

  • 2 Guided Breathwork Journeys (20 minutes each)

  • 2 Guided Meditations (10 minutes each)

  • Reflection and Intention Workbook 


What People Are Saying:

I feel like the breathwork is connecting me back to my body and it feels like coming home. Thank you so much for your service. You are literally saving lives with this medicine.


Man those breathwork journeys are immensely intense and powerful! I never know what to expect or where it's going to take me thank you for that total surrender~ its such a vessel for uncovering the layers within that have been suppressed for so long and bringing me into an elevated state of being. Thank you!


I am eternally grateful to have found this powerful breathwork at this point of my healing journey. It has unlocked so much within me that I can feel my own inner wisdom and love pouring through my cells. This is such a gift to humanity!


$44.00 USD

SoulRise is a digital breathwork compilation of 5 (33-minute) elemental journeys that are designed to help you to clear your mind, reconnect you to your authentic self and create new pathways for transformation and healing.

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