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Ascend: 40-Day Breathwork Experience

Next Round Begins November 20, 2022

Rise Into Your Greatest Self

Ascend is more than just a breathwork journey. It is a pathway to a more alive, abundant and authentic YOU. Together, through the power of conscious breathing and somatic coaching you will take a journey within to help you release the inner blocks and barriers keeping you from unlocking greater levels of clarity, vitality, fulfillment and freedom.

The Journey:

Each week we'll be meeting on Zoom for live breathwork and coaching sessions. If you can't make the live session a replay will be available right after the session. In between each live session, you will receive recorded journeys that you will listen to throughout the week. Your time commitment is less than 30 minutes a day.

Week 1: Expand Your Awareness - Tap into your universal life-force energy to step into pure presence and peace within you.

Week 2: Crystalize Your Vision - Gain supreme clarity on your life's vision and cultivate the courage and confidence to bring it to life.

Week 3: Ignite Your Passion - Step into the fire within you and explore what makes your heart and soul come alive.

Week 4: Release Your Limitations - Dissolve the physical, mental and emotional barriers to love and open your heart to new levels of gratitude within.

Week 5: Liberate Your Prosperity - Clear imprinted programs around lack and scarcity and step into your primal and prosperous self.

Week 6: Closing Ceremony - This is your moment to embody the new version of you. In week 6 we’ll be recapping the entire program while giving everything you need to move forward with confidence.

 By the end you may experience:
  • Deeper level of self-confidence, love and worth
  • Enhanced focus, creativity and intuition
  • Better performance, mood and energy
  • Increased manifestation potential
  • Elevated state of awareness
  • Improved sleep and digestion
  • Deeper connection to self and others
  • Greater clarity on life's purpose

What You'll Receive:

  • 6 Live Group Breathwork and Coaching Sessions - each week on Zoom (replays available after)
  • Recorded Breathwork Journeys - listen in between the live sessions (33 minute tracks)
  • Workbooks - Discovery prompts to fuel your growth, healing and evolution
  • Breathwork video series - fundamental breathing techniques that you can use any time of day
  • Private Telegram Group - high-level accountability and support for everyone in the community
  • Lifetime Access - continue to access your members dashboard with recordings and videos after the 40-day journey
  • BONUSES - Guided meditations, visualizations and sound healing 

About the Guide

Christopher August is on a mission to support the evolution of human consciousness and healing of planet earth. As a Master Breathwork Facilitator with over 8 years experience, he helps people step into their true power and harness their greatest potential. 

What People Are Saying:

This work is pure alchemy. Christopher's process invites transformational integration of the physical self with the True One Self in an accessible and knowable way. The daily work is simultaneously relaxing, grounding, energizing and expanding and transmits well-being and presence throughout the day.


Thank you so much Chris for your guidance in the breathwork journey. I am beyond words. This was the most powerful body experience I've ever had. I could feel my solar plexus being (re)activated and my whole body was vibrating and beaming with light. Infinite gratitude. Tears of grace.


The breath alchemy you facilitate is f*cking amazing!! Every time I do your breathwork I can feel the music and breath vibrating in my hands and entire body. I feel so much more like my true self and I've reached a deep place of clarity within myself. Thank you so much. It's an absolute pleasure and gift for me.


Your breathwork is a spiritual art. The music, breath and sounds have a way of cracking me wide open. It has awakened my primal energies - the wild woman archetype and left me feeling powerful af.


Wow! The medicine I received from breathwork and sound was beyond anything I could have Imagined. My whole body felt tingly and activated. It's always an amazing experience and release. Thank you!


Over the past several months, I have found a deeper connection and meaning to my breath. Christopher's breathwork has given me the source to help elevate my physical, mental and spiritual bodies. The breath journeys are one of the most unique and powerful experience I've ever had. From reducing stress to improving mental clarity, breathwork has improved it all. I believe this is the first step in becoming the light in a world full of darkness.


Christopher August delivers a smooth and uplifting breath challenge that will take you to the depths of your soul. This intuitive journey will awaken your senses, move you to self-discovery and guide you to receive the joy filled messages from the “divine”. A truly nourishing experience!


There’s a timelessness to his work that every time resulted in an euphoric state of being. The uncoverings of my life and deep sense of self that have unfolded each time in these experiences, are beyond cherished in my heart. I’m eternally grateful for Chris’ service to the world and all that he embodies. What a gift!!